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Corporate Governance

Basic Concept

  1. In order to create unique and innovative automotive products and services, and deliver superior measurable value to all stakeholders, we will pursue the Vision of “Enriching people’s lives,” as a company that is trusted by society; and we will address improvement of corporate governance as one of our most prioritized managerial tasks.
  2. We will conduct our business while considering society’s expectations and our social responsibilities and devote ourselves to the development of a sustainable society by aiming for sustainable growth of our business.
  3. We will select, as our corporation form, a company with three statutory committees, which can clearly separate management functions and supervisory, oversight and auditing functions. As such, we will improve the transparency of the decision-making process and also conduct speedy and flexible business execution.
  4. Through the supervision, oversight, and auditing by the Board of Directors and other corporate bodies, we will ensure the effectiveness of our structure related to internal controls, compliance, and risk management. Officers and employees, including Executive Officers, will sincerely respond to the supervision, oversight, and auditing contemplated hereby.


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